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Nyxt 3-pre-release-6

Nyxt 3-pre-release-6

This release is primarily a bug fix release in preparation for the release of 3.0.0. We have polished a lot of modes that weren't working due to changes in the core, and are working on adding more testing.

Please feel free to share your feedback on our GitHub issue tracker!

You can download Nyxt 3 Pre-release 6 here.

Happy Hacking :-)


  • Move lisp-system to separate repository as extension. The functions list-system and load-system are no longer available.
  • Add tree style hinting when both fit-to-prompt-p and auto-follow-hints-p are enabled.
  • Tree style hinting now highlights hints by dimming the matched characters.

Bug fixes

  • Switching focus away from Nyxt doesn't make it unfullscreen anymore.
  • Fix enable modes's: inactive-mode-source .
  • Fix annotation mode to properly render annotations.
  • Fix list-bookmarks .
  • Fix select-frame-new-buffer and select-frame-expedition .

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