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Nyxt 3-pre-release-4

Nyxt 3-pre-release-4

This release features many improvements to the UI. We've worked to make Nyxt more functional for experts and newcomers. We've added dynamically adjustable prompt buffer column widths, and a redesigned prompt input area.

Please feel free to share your feedback on our GitHub issue tracker!

You can download Nyxt 3 Pre-release 4 here.

You can see the new prompt buffer design below:

You can also see the dynamic column sizes in action!

Note: many of the links below are designed to be opened in Nyxt.


  • With dynamic-attribute-width-p on, prompt buffer attribute columns adjust to their content, allowing for a better overview of lengthy attributes.
  • Status buffer improved for increased readability. Mode area reduced in size. Glyphs for navigation control buttons updated. Tabs area restyled to look like buttons.
  • Search engines are now listed with their full name (when available).
  • :ncode blocks now include syntax highlighting and clickable elements.
  • Internal buffers are now rendered in the status area as: internal .


Bug fixes

  • Trying to delete a hanged buffer destroys it, instead of leaving it dangling forever.

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