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Nyxt 2.2.3

Nyxt 2.2.3

We are happy to announce Nyxt 2.2.3.

This release features dramatically improved performance (both in terms of interface responsiveness and in network queries processing) as well as fixing major stability issues with WebKitGTK 2.34.

Change log:


  • Speed up most network queries. This may also prevent some hangs that used to happen when loading resource-intensive pages.
  • Speed up set-url and friends. (Thanks to @shamazmazum!)
    The user input suggestion should now be instantaneously updated in the suggestion list. Search engine completions no longer hold back the listing of other suggestions.
  • Nyxt now prompts for confirmation before deleting a buffer that has edited contents.
  • New common text editing bindings (select-all, undo, redo, cut, etc.).
  • Display source code in describe-function whenever possible.
  • Allow for arbitrary HTML in the prompt buffer (both attributes and the prompt).
  • Permission requests are now handled (such geolocalization access).
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention is no longer systematically enabled. This should fix some website incompatibilities. ITP can be selectively enabled with reduce-tracking-mode .
  • reduce-tracking-mode has a new options, preferred-user-agent which is set to a generic value by default.
  • The Lisp REPL now highlights the input, displays the input package and displays the current package at the prompt.
  • New m l VI binding to list-bookmarks .

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash and hangs with WebKitGTK 2.34.
    Warning: Sandboxing is no longer enforced.
  • Fix hangs in some cases when blocker-mode hostlists were out-of-date.
  • Work around load failures when going backward or forward in history.
  • Catch more errors in search completion.

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