2020-11-25, updated: 2024-03-12

Tested with Nyxt 2 Pre-release 3.

Tags: feature.

Reduce groups of buffers to a single page

Reduce groups of buffers to a single page

By John Mercouris

Eliminate large groups of buffers by saving them to a single page with Nyxt's reduce-to-buffer command. To use it, select all of the buffers you would like reduced, Nyxt will then:

What is it for? When to use it?

You can use reduce-to-buffer any time you need to compress a large group of buffers into an easily consumable form.

There are many possibilities, here are a few:

How to use it?

To begin, identify a list of buffers that you would like to compress. In this case, we will compress our research about various types of elephants.

Next, we select the buffers we would like reduced:

Finally, our buffers are reduced and (optionally) summarized:

We hope you enjoy reduce-to-buffer!

Thanks for reading :-)

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