2020-07-15, updated: 2024-03-12

Tested with Nyxt 2 Pre-release 1.

Tags: feature.

Reading Lines

Reading Lines

By John Mercouris

Reading lines are a new feature available in Nyxt. Reading lines solve the problem of picking up back where you left off within a document. When reading physical documents, people will often use their finger or a sticky note for this purpose. In Nyxt, the reading line is a digital equivalent of a sticky note/marker. You can use reading lines on long pages, or when switching applications to easily resume reading.

Here's what they look like:

As can be seen, the reading line is a horizontally drawn gray bar. You can move this bar up and down the page, and the focus of the window will follow. You can even navigate away from the reading line and jump back to it:

When you are done investigating whatever else you were looking at, you can jump back to where you left off.

Thanks for reading :-)

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