2021-02-16, updated: 2024-03-12

Tested with Nyxt 2 Pre-release 6.

Tags: feature, engineering.

Global History Tree: Your Map of the Internet

Global History Tree: Your Map of the Internet

By Artyom Bologov

Maps can guide you— wherever you go. Whenever uncertain about your whereabouts, you can look at a map. It'll show you the path you've taken and the way to where you're going.

There are no maps of the Internet. You always need to remember where you are, where you're going, and how to get back. Forgetting things is all too easy with such a load. That's why Nyxt now has Global History Tree—to help you remember your way on the Web! The Global History Tree is a unification of all buffer history trees into a grand "map" of your browsing session.

Hitting The Crossroads

You're traveling, and you come to a crossroads. You don't yet know where paths lead. If you mark this crossroad on your map, you're confident that you can backtrack and pick a different way.

In the exact same way, Global History Tree marks your crossroads. You can access all paths at any moment—all are faithfully recorded without history rewriting or erasure!

Following In Your Own Tracks

Your way was long and thorny; you've got many challenges and crossroads to remember. You finally stop to rest. You can relax- knowing that your map has all your paths and achievements recorded.

Once you've recovered your strength, you glance over your map and continue your journey. You can always revisit where you've been—just follow your tracks and remind yourself of the great things you've seen!

Much like a map, Nyxt's History Tree can extend your working memory. It can be saved and restored at will. You can always get back to your previous paths. Getting back to the flow state is just a matter of a couple of keystrokes and a glance over your history tree!

The Map That's Always With You

But what if you forgot your map? or accidentally put another one in the pocket of your suit? Having several maps in different suits is more than confusing. You need to remember which suit has which map!

Having your history tree divided into fractions between buffers is the same feeling. You need to remember in which buffer that-website-you-need was to get back to it. That's why we made Global History Tree accessible from any buffer. The map of your Internet journey is now always with you, wherever you are—just call history-tree!

What is Global History Tree vs a regular History Tree?

Unlike buffer local history trees, the Global History Tree unifies all navigation actions from all buffers into a common tree. Designed to allow you to jump from any point in your history to any point, it allows you to more effectively traverse your history. We hope that the Global History Tree helps you out when you feel lost :-)

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