2020-07-24, updated: 2024-03-12

Tested with Nyxt 2 Pre-release 1.

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Element Hints

Element Hints

By John Mercouris

Element hints are a feature in Nyxt that allow you to interact with elements on a web page. Unlike traditional methods of doing so (mouse), element hints are entirely keyboard driven.

Element hints work like this:

  1. You press a keybinding.
  2. A series of hints appear on the page, and in the Minibuffer as a list.
  3. Using the Minibuffer you select which hint you would like to navigate to/interact with.
  4. When you're ready, you submit your input, and Nyxt will navigate to and/or interact with the selected element hint/s.

Importantly, because the element hints are available in the Minibuffer, Nyxt element hints can be selected by URL, hint, or title!

Beyond link navigation, element hints can be used to do a variety of things:

  1. copy a URL
  2. jump to a URL
  3. open a URL in a background buffer
  4. open a URL in a new buffer
  5. click a button
  6. submit a form

Like other commands, element hints can accept multiple inputs (when applicable). For example, a user can simultaneously open up several matching element hints in new buffers:

We hope you enjoy using Nyxt's advanced element hints!

Thanks for reading :-)

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