2020-08-26, updated: 2024-03-12

Tested with Nyxt 2 Pre-release 1.

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By John Mercouris

Autofills are a feature in Nyxt that allow you to compose and fill in forms as rapidly as possible. Typical autofill functionality includes inputting 'remembered' information such as your username, address or telephone number. This is useful, but can be further expanded.

In Nyxt, autofills are dynamic, and context sensitive. In addition to being able to 'remember' data, autofills can also compute data. This is because autofills can be functions.

An example of a dynamic autofill can be a requirement to fill in the current date on a form. Instead of manually retrieving and copying the date, you can have an autofill automatically input the date in whatever format you wish.

Beyond simple workflows of inputting a single element, autofills can be used in a more advanced fashion. Imagine that you are working on a customer support ticket. Typically, you have a template for messages:

Dear customer W,

We've received your information about problem X, and we are working on
a solution. We anticipate we'll have more information for you by date

thank you for continued patience,

signed, Z

Instead of writing this information out all the time, you could have an autofill that prompts you for the values of W, X, Y, and Z to automatically compose your customer response messages.

To find out more about autofills and how to configure them in Nyxt, please see describe-slot, autofills.

We hope you enjoy using Nyxt's autofills!

Thanks for reading :-)

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