2023-12-12, updated: 2024-03-12

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Publish A Nyxt Extension To Earn A Fine Prize

Publish A Nyxt Extension To Earn A Fine Prize

By Thomas Lansing

Seek Your Fame & Fortune

Do you hear the gathering wind? The rustle of a thousand hands typing. The focus of a thousand minds in one singular task. YES – Now is time to unsheathe your mighty keyboard and write an extension! Write an extension for your friends, write an extension for your children. Write an extension for geeks on the Internet! Nyxt, the browser you can believe in, needs your skills. In fact, we are offering a handsome reward for your noble service.


Our dedicated team of developers wants to build a place for users to browse and publish snippets and extensions to enhance Nyxt. This place should help people share working recipes for tasty Nyxt configurations and solve problems in a repeatable way.

We will create an extension-management-thing for Nyxt.

To properly prototype this thing and make great design choices we must jumpstart the network effects of this extension ecosystem.

Will extensions be paid or free?

Nyxt will always be open and free! We are open-source in terms of our philosophy and our codebase so you do NOT need to pay for extensions.

The hope is for the extension-management-thing to gently encourage extension seekers to contribute to extension publishers. Our team wants to learn if a marketplace like this could support Nyxt at some point in the future.

Read more about our sustainable open source model: Towards Open Source Sustainability.

The Process

Write an extension ⇒ $100

  1. Sign up for an extension publisher (developer account) account.
  2. Nyxt team sends an email with guidelines, review criteria, and instructions.
  3. Review/acceptance phase.
  4. Nyxt team sends you $100.
    • Only for the first 30 accepted extensions.
    • Yes, you may submit multiple extensions.
  5. Nyxt team publishes your extension to the marketplace.
    • proceeds from your app whether donations or otherwise will go mostly to you the extension publisher, and in part (%15) to Nyxt to support development.
  6. Your extension lives forever and rides eternal in the configuration files of Nyxt users for years to come.

Sign Up Here

To register one of the first developer accounts and be eligible, please click here.

Addendum 1 - Extension Ecosystem

The best way to publish a Nyxt extension will always be to hand deliver a text file with your code snippet to a dear friend's .config/nyxt directory, and have a frank discussion about how best to edit the config.lisp file therein. Unfortunately this approach is not scalable for everyone who wishes to participate, and we should try to avoid conflict around text editor preferences. So we must devise a new method.

The vision is for extension seekers and extension publishers to exchange code and ideas freely.

So, let's publish some extensions!

Addendum 2 - Acceptance Criteria

  1. Is the extension useful for a real problem or at least really cool looking?

    • We are looking for positive user experiences.
  2. Does the extension run on the latest version of Nyxt?

  3. Can people can install the extension without breaking their setup?

    • No compiler errors or warnings.
  4. No politics please.

  5. The extension is NOT spam (we it know when we see it).

Addendum 3 - How to write an extension

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